Week 8 NFL Picks Against the Spread

I’m going to release a new blog every Thursday giving a pick for every single game against the spread and watch how bad I fail. We aren’t doing totals, just strictly a side.

Let’s start with tonight: the Vikings -17 host the Redskins what a gross line. I watched the Vikings whoop up on the Eagles and score 42 against the Lions who I think have a pretty good defense, but Adam Thielen is out and this number is huge. Gross game but give me the Redskins with the points

To Sunday

The Seahawks -3.5 at the Falcons makes no sense. A lot of times this makes me go Falcons by outside of Russel Wilson being out their is no chance I’ll bet the Falcons. The pick Seahawks -3.5

A battle of the two teams that have been big let downs between the Bears -4 host the Chargers. If the Bears want to get back on track offensively this is a good week to do it. Even the Titans managed to put up points against the Chargers. This might be my pick of the week with the Chargers coming across the country I love Bears -4

Detroit -7 is at home against the Giants and I think the Lions are coming back to what they are an average team. Stafford has been playing well, but 7 is a lot this week. I like Giants +4

We have a gross game in Tennessee with the Titans -2.5 against the Bucs, a battle of Tannehill v Winston. I anticipate seeing this game on the Redzone channel very minimal. I hate this game but I officially refuse to bet the Titans because they fuck me over every week Bucs +2.5 is the pick

The Colts are -5.5 against the Broncos. The Colts are good. I have a future for the win total on the Colts and that pick is looking better and better. The Broncos are crumbling from the inside. Chris Harris wants to be traded and probably won’t be, Flacco is bad, this team doesn’t want to play and the Colts are red hot, give me the Colts -5.5

Another awful game. Rams -13.5 and the Bengals in LA. I think the Rams are back on track. The Bengals have trouble scoring and are tanking this year for a quarterback. Goff throws for 350 a 3 touchdowns Rams -13.5 is the pick

Saints -10.5 are at home against the Cardinals. The Saints might have the best defense in the NFC. I could see the Cardinals not scoring double digits in this game. I think the Saints score at least 24 and score a defensive touchdown. Kyler Murray will be confused all week. Saints -10.5

Sam Darnold is fresh off of seeing ghost. I should have zero confidence in him traveling to Jacksonville -6.5, but the Jags offense isn’t nearly good enough to be playing this amount of points. Jets +6.5 and I love this pick

The Bills -1.5 host the Eagles. I’m betting the Eagles I don’t have a ton of confidence either way and the Eagles haven’t done anything to instill confidence in me, but I don’t bet against my team Eagles +1.5

San Fran -5.5 is real. I never thought that would be the case this year, but here we are. I’m not completely sold on the Panthers, especially Kyle Allen. I think San Frans defense does their thing again this week. San Fran -5.5

The Pats -13 are just going to have monster line after monster line from here on out, and rightfully so. Not a great game for Baker and the Browns to get back on track. You don’t get rich betting against the patriots though so they have to be my pick Pats -13

Houston -7 hosts the Raiders. I think the Raiders all season have been undervalued. I think this team is a little better on both sides of the ball than this spread. I like the Raiders +7. Wouldn’t suck if the hook got put on this game.

The Packers -3.5 going to the Chiefs was supposed to be an awesome game. But the Chiefs are Mahomeless and I can’t imagine them keeping this within the number against the red hot Packers. Packers -3.5

Monday night is a stinker, but don’t complain. In a few short months we won’t have football. The Steelers -14 are at home against the Dolphins. I can’t believe it but I love the Dolphins. Fitzmagic loves prime time and I think he’ll keep it fairly close. Dolphins +14

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