The Sixers Played a C- Game

The Sixers by no means played a clean game yesterday, but they won by 14 and are a way better team than the Celtics and that feels great.

The Sixers defense is going to be unreal. Typically, Kemba goes off for 50 against the Sixers every time they play. Yesterday, Richardson and Thybulle held him to just 4-18 shooting.

This guy is becoming the quickly becoming Philadelphia’s crown defender. It appears like he can put the clamps on anyone. Of course he had two fouls in 2 minutes yesterday, but that’s besides the point.

Ben Simmons looked awesome last night. He didn’t even need to unveil his new found jump shot.

This team is winning the East or bust.

Did the Sixers Win?

Last thing, fucking Marcus Smart is awful to watch. He is a more floppy Pat Bev. Be a real shame if the Celtics get bounced in the first round this year, real shame.

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