The Sixers Are BACK.. Hype Video is here

I have goosebumps. I have never been so excited for an NBA season. If the Sixers donโ€™t win the East this year the season is a disappointment. Nothing better than being a contender, every night feels like a big night. I watched the process, it was awful, the process feels like itโ€™s finally completely. We have Ben Simmons shooting threes

We have Joel in the best shape of his life.

He looks like Brad Pitt when he played Achilles.

Weโ€™ve got the only guy in the NBA that seemed to be able to stop Joel. He also comes from the only team in the East that owned the Sixers. We took Al from those scumbags down in Massachusetts. How good does he look in Sixers blue?

Bringing in Josh Richardson was huge. An above average 3 point shooter, can get to the basket, can distribute and unlike JJ Reddick he can defend (I still miss you JJ you beautiful bastard).

I havenโ€™t even mentioned Tobias Harris. He got his big contract and is ready for a monster year. Tobias doesnโ€™t have to be the guy every single night, but he will quietly average 19-20 a game and be a huge part of this team.

This is the best lineup top to bottom in the NBA, tonight we show why we should be considered the class of the East. Letโ€™s go.

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