Lebron James is a Detriment to the Lakers and the World

Lebron James stinks. I flipped back and forth between the World Series and the NBA games yesterday. Started off the NBA season with a bad beat in the Pelicans. Had them +7.5 and the game went to overtime. Obviously, the raptors then won the game by 8.

Ok onto Lebron, he’s had the China situation, he went to LA last year and tried to trade his entire team, then yesterday he’s screaming during the national anthem like an asshole, and at that point with his guy Davis you anticipate Lebron coming out and putting up 60… nope Lebron isn’t Lebron anymore. The guy looks like he lost a step, he settles for jumpers and he turns the ball over regularly. Him playing point guard is going to be an awful experiment, and I’m excited to see it.

Sure you can say 18 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assist is a good day. But, he had 5 turnovers and that doesn’t tell the whole story. He was regularly giving up the ball with like 3 seconds on the shot clock and having one of his teammates force up a bad shot. Oh and shocker he flopped all over the place.

Every time the Lakers went on a run, Lebron came back into the game just to fuck it up. His -8 +/- was by far the worst of the starters, and he lacked efficiency shooting 7-19 from the field. That old Lebron is dead. The new one that isn’t very good, but will complain a lot is here. I can’t believe that fucking Tom Brady is going to outlast Lebron.


Jared Dudleys -20 +/- stat line is laugh out loud funny

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