Purrell’s Picks and Parlays

First off, life update we had a job interview. We had interview #1 yesterday and was brought back today for the second interview which I’m told is a good sign. It’s a writing job. It would be based around sports and gambling which is great. Unfortunately, it would cause me to be a little more PC like I can’t say fuck, or show pictures of Teddy Bridgewater’s dick. Or call the Titans a bunch of fucking assholes, but at some point I have to make money. Wish me luck.

Well the NBA and the World Series tonight. What a life. Little Maction would be nice, but that’ll have to wait until Nov. 5th, let’s start with the NBA

Toronto and New Orleans, was supposed to be a cool matchup between Toronto who is getting their rings and New Orleans with Zion Williamson, but Kawhii leaving and Zion being out (fat) kind of sucks. Toronto is -6.5 and the total is 229.

My favorite play for the game is the first half under. I could see both teams coming out excited and maybe a little sloppy.

If I had to take a side I would take the Pelicans +6.5.

The second game is a great matchup but once again it’s lost a little steam because of Paul George’s absence. The Lakers are -3.5 and I feel as though they have a lot more to prove tonight than the Clippers. They also have their full team so it is hard to go against them. That’s my luck for the night. Despite my hatred of Lebron I’m taking them. Also you hate to see someone get hurt but if it had to happen, seeing Lebron play without Anthony Davis and watching him freak out and have a meltdown like last year would be amazing. Anyway..

Pick: Lakers -3.5

The World Series starts tonight and we have one of the best pitching matchups in World Series history that I could remember. Cole v. Scherzer is unreal. What is even more unreal is Scherzer being +170 is even more unreal. I know Cole has been absolutely unreal but it’s almost impossible to not be Scherzer with that number. It’s gross but it is really hard to not take

Nats +170

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