Week 7 NFL Recap

Another week in the books. Sports are dumb. Let’s talk about the games

San Fran beat the Redskins. Who cares right? Buttttt

They played in a good old fashion monsoon. Hope they didn’t ruin the beautiful playing service at FedEx field

Oh speaking of games that don’t matter, the Bengals played someone as well. For one the game somehow went over (I bet the under) 25 points in the 4th quarter is a fucking joke in a 27-17 final score. The Bengals fall to 0-7 but not from lack of effort from this guy

The Bears got beat by the Saints and the 36-25 score is not indicative of what happened in the game. They scored two meaningless touchdowns and recovered the first onside kick this football season in another meaningless fashion. Teddy Bridgewater makes it seem as though he can have a long future in the NFL, real long in fact.

The Titans and the Chargers played in the most bizarre game I have ever seen and I lost a lot of money. The Chargers won the game 3 times only to end up losing the game. I have no idea how to explain how in the world what happened but here is the consensus feeling

Fuck it I’ll talk about it. The Eagles stink. The receivers can’t get open, the offensive line can’t protect Wentz, the defense is in shambles and I don’t know where the team goes from here.

Eagles coverage part 2

Al Michaels summed this season up best.

I don’t know man. I still can’t believe that the season is over. Gotta go get a corner. Jalen Mills is actually a good corner I honestly believe that, but shouldn’t cover the #1 guy for the other team. Chris Harris should be doing that. This team just needs to find an identity, find a way to win. Gotta get someone that can stretch the field back. Maybe someone like the guy that wears #10 that gets me excited every week when I think he is playing just to break my heart every Friday when he is ruled out. This team needs to get going and they need to get going now. If Howie doesn’t do something we are lining this guy up in press coverage.

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