Yesterday, I lost Weight by Getting my Appendix Removed

Not exactly sure how much weight it was, but I’m sure it was something. I feel lighter today. Maybe, it is the weight that being removed that I thought I was going to die, but hopefully some additional weight as well.

6:30 in the morning come rolling around and I had a pain so terrible I thought I was done. At that point I would have like to have been put out of my misery and died anyway.   Before I went to the hospital I gave my dad a call to make sure I was on his insurance before I drove myself to the hospital. I walked into the ER after finding a parking space for too away, it was 40 degrees outside and wildly windy, I walked through the doors of the hospital in a puddle of sweat, saw a nurse and that was the last thing I remember until I woke up later that afternoon. Apparently, I had an emergency appendix removal surgery. I am pretty sure they are not all that serious because I hear about them once a month. So here I am sitting in a hospital bed absolutely pissed… and why you ask? Well I loved Kansas City yesterday and even more so I had big plans of a UCLA money line +155 those don’t just smack everyday, and to compile on that I’m obviously betting against the Yankees. Houston a casual +120. Brutal to miss out on a 500ish dollar day for a God Damn appendix.

I’m back to writing though, my mom Brough my MacBook and brought me some food. Feels a little good to be babied again. Also not having to do shit this weekend during the college and NFL games is a beautiful thing in its own. Wish I had another appendix to lose during March Madness.

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