Turns out Zion is too Fat

Zion will miss the beginning of the season with a knee injury. Is it fair to assume that his knees can’t support his oversized body?

I don’t necessarily believe anything I am saying, I assume it is just a tweak and they are being overly cautious with a guy that could be a franchise player for the next decade plus.

But you know what does drive me fucking insane? I saw tweet after tweet about how disappointing it is that Zion won’t be playing for his first PRESEASON game at Madison Square Garden. The “Mecca”. Listen the Knicks haven’t been relevant since I’m old enough to remember watching the NBA I’m so sick of Josina Anderson and all the other talking heads saying that Zion won’t play on a court that just happens to be in New York. I get if you want to say he’s going to miss his first matchup against Lebron (who I hate, he didn’t even pay for that school and Ohio’s taxes are going to go up because of him) but to say he is going to miss a preseason game against the irrelevant Knicks is nonsense.

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