The 12 Commandments of Gambling

Thou shall not be the guy who cheers the loudest in the room after talking about betting $10

Thou shall not talk about your 14 team, $3 parlay that will never hit. If somehow it does you may talk about it

Thou shall not buy points.. we are adults

Thou shall not bet through a friend or take a friends action

Thou shall not talk about your fantasy or draft kings lineup as if it is gambling. $100 in the beginning of the season does not represent the daily struggle

Thou shall not ignore a hot tip

Thou shall not bet against Alabama in hopes of getting rich

Thou shall bet a game one attends

Thou shall know the money is in the crumbs but also realize you have to bet the big games

Thou shall bet the game if a former player/super fan/mascot dies the week of the game or the next home game honoring their lives

Thou shall know that life is too short to bet the under

Thou shall not withhold information on a person that is on a hot streak

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