Patrick Mahomes MRI best case scenario

Patrick Mahomes MRI showed that he will probably only miss 3 weeks. Watching them pop his knee cap back into place I just assumed that was season ending last night. I like Mahomes, I thought he was awesome at Texas Tech, he had a back door cover for me his last year there that only he could have made the throws he made. Since then I knew he was a superstar but never knew he’d be what he is today.

Also him coming back means the Patriots maybe don’t just walk to the Super Bowl this year? Unfortunately, it does mean that the AFC officially goes through New England but I think the only team that could challenge them is the Chiefs with a healthy Mahomes. Their offense still is unreal if they get their defense and offensive line just a little bit figured out it will be a hell of a matchup.


Patriots still probably win and go to the Super Bowl, but at least Mahomes will be back this year.

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