How Crazy is the Person that Punched Myles Garrett?

I know I am behind, 24 hours off the Internet is like a decade, but who the fuck would punch Myles Garrett in the face?

This guy is maybe the biggest alpha male outside of Aaron Donald in this league. Ladies or guys (judgement free zone) go to his Instagram page and do yourself a favor. He is an absolute specimen. What’s that saying? “Girls wanna date him and guys wanna be him” I know for sure it doesn’t end in “guys wanna punch him” I’m appalled at the fact that anyone is like you know what I’m going to do when I see Myles Garrett, I’m gonna punch him in the face. I think the same thing about Nelson Aghlohor constantly, every dropped passes, every let down he has, but you know what I would do if I saw him in public? At most I would ask for a picture, at least absolutely nothing.

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