Ezekiel Elliot’s Dad is Buying exotic Cats and letting them Die

Some guys when they make it to the NFL buy their parents a house, or a fancy car, nope not Cowboys Ezekiel Elliot, these lunatics bought an exotic cat from Africa, and you’ll never believe what happened? Shit went way wrong. The cat got out, was eyeing up children, and eventually attacked a dog. You know why? Because that’s what exotic cats from Africa do that’s why we should leave them in Africa.

Sure, I’m an Eagles fan but Elliot needs to be hit with repercussions, his dad didn’t buy those cats on the black market himself, maybe his dad still has the money Elliot got from Ohio State, but that money is still tied into his son. Fair is fair, that cat is dead and will never get to play again, I’m not saying we should kill Elliot but maybe he should never get to play again either? Just a suggestion Goodell. Maybe do the right thing for a change.

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