Facebook Should Auto-Delete for People the Ages 25-45

Facebook is an absolute jungle to climb through as a normal human being. On the one side I have my grandmother commenting on an prochoice post condemning it, and on the other I have a 15 year old girl posting screen shots about not being a hoe. Think I’m joking?

She’s my neighbor. Lives right down the street. Not just some random account.

So this is where my idea comes from. At age 25-45 I would argue you are your most normal self. Your brain is just about fully developed, you aren’t caught up in teenage drama, your past the age of drinking when you absolutely cannot handle yourself (most of us). On the flip side you’re hopefully below the age when you feel the need to share every political thing that hops on your screen, you’re a little below the age of dad jokes, you don’t quite have grandkids to comment on every single one of their pictures, and you don’t initial everyone of your comments. For example “hope everything is going well, do you have a boyfriend yet? Miss you” -Nan

The only solution is Facebook should take your age and automatically delete your Facebook until you become age eligible. This should be a law. My brain can’t handle it, but I refuse to not check it at least once a day. No escape.

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