Purrell’s Picks and Parlays

We’ve only got two games on the ticker today, I don’t bet hockey, except yesterday when I said I took the capitals puck line +190 or something. They won a Stanley cup recently right? Felt like a cant lose and easy money. Welp they were down 4-0 at the end of the first, so let’s retire hockey for now.

We split yesterday in the baseball game, we had the cardinals and the over. Today we are in for a treat, we’ve got playoff baseball starting at 4 and being unemployed it is quite exciting. Sitting around blogging for very few people, and hoping someone reads this is a little depressing, I’m fine I’m fine. Ok the picks.

Houston is in New York, and let’s be honest this is the World Series. I can’t imagine the winner of this series not winning the World Series. Houston had the walk off win last week and all the momentum (which is the most real thing in playoff baseball) on their side. They also have Gerrit Cole on their side who has been basically unhittable. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a guy go through a stretch of pure dominance like this. 11 consecutive games with double digit strikeouts? That seems fake. But, going against a Yankees lineup that is prone to strikeout I imagine it happening again tonight.

My play: Astros -160 Prop bet: Gerit Cole over 9.5 strikeouts -150 this is one you aren’t even getting a good number on, but it’s going to be so much fun to watch him strikeout Yankee after Yankee. That’s something you want to be able to cheer for. Prop Bet #2: As good as Cole is, Yankees stadium is a joke, and Severino does give up the long ball Over 3 home runs total -110

The second game the Nationals lead 3-0 and are making an improbable run to the World Series, I still can’t believe they beat the Brewers in such awful fashion. The first 3 games I have bet the Cardinals. I’m 25 and I’m finally ready to admit I have a dumb brain. The cardinals have given up but guess what I’m taking them again. No idea who is pitching for either team it doesn’t matter, the cardinals owe me this one. A once proud franchise doesn’t go and get swept, not by the Nationals who only started as a franchise when I was old enough to do multiplication.

The play: Cardinals – or + something doesn’t matter

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