I Come To You Today With A Heavy Heart..

Sometimes it is hard to spread the bad news, other times it is exhilarating, today is one of those hard times. Today is Tuesday, October 15th I was fully anticipating sitting on my couch tonight to watch the playoff baseball games, but I anticipated a nice little side snack with it. That snack will not be had.

Tuesday Maction does not come back until November 5th. Honestly, I’m pretty sure it always starts this late and every year I am appalled that it doesn’t start the second week of the year. Why would you not give MAC teams the Tuesday night the entire season. They get to play in front of a national audience that is far bigger than If they play any other day of the week, scouts pay a little more attention, 900 people flood the stadium, and what about us that gamble? We get Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, and all of a sudden you are just going to ween us off of football gambling like it’s nothing? I’m over here in a cold sweat and my left eye won’t stop twitching. Come on NCAA you haven’t gotten much right, figure this one out.

Until we meet again sweet prince.

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