Max Muncy: Basically just wants Twitter likes

Sure, Muncy hit over .250 with 35 dingers, and nearly 100 RBIs which would be a great year by the standards of 90% of the MLB players. I would take nearly every Phillies player to have ended up with these numbers. My problem doesn’t have anything to do with his numbers and it has everything have to do with him being an asshole. Living on the East Coast I admittedly have seen very minimal Dodgers games, but every game I did see it seems like Muncy has an overreaction, or something to say. I am not one of those baseball purist so don’t get that idea, but I don’t need to see him run his mouth in the middle of June, after hitting a solo homerun to put his team up by 6.

Honestly, I think it is just one thing that has stuck with me that I cannot get over. Remember when he homered off Bumgarner into the cove in San Fran. Bumgarner took offense and said something like “run around the fucking bases”, sure probably a little uncalled for, but he is a legend and gets a pass. However, what Muncy claims to say certainly does not get a pass for me.


“If you don’t want me to watch the ball you can go get it out of the ocean”

You know every time you’ve been in a confrontation and you always mutter to yourself 20 minutes after the fact “I should have said …” Well that is exactly what Muncy did right here and people went crazy for it. No shot that corn fed, dip shit, said that in the moment, he couldn’t even get the words out the next day when he was interviewed it. This is after he practiced it shirtless in the mirror for 3 straight hours, thinking he really got him. At this point he probably even thinks it to be true. What no one is even pointing out is that it doesn’t even make sense?

Muncy is no better than these people to me

Yep no shot.

Wild people will make stuff up to get likes. Wilder a Major League Baseball player would build his new motto off of it

Yes, I’m very disappointed this guys out of the playoffs