Gabe Kapler Fired

Gabe Kapler is  out as the Phillies manager. A no brainer. I am actually surprised it took this long. You can’t have two post all star break collapses, and expect to be the coach the next year. I’m fine with the move. I think the best move would be to bring in Hazelton, PAs own Joe Madden, but everything I see seems like he wants to go West.

What I don’t understand is if you are getting rid of Kapler, how the fuck do you keep Klentak. The Phillies season was decimated by injuries, the bullpen practically lost everyone of the guys they anticipated being a vital part of the staff. Robertson, Neshek, Dominguez, shit even Adam Morgan was having a nice year before he went down. They were left with no one, and what does Klentak do? He brings in 86mph throwing Jason Vargas. Does this look like the guy who is going to help you make a playoff push? Also I still don’t understand what the fuck that guy from the 1700s is doing

Oh, and he brought in Drew Smyly who couldn’t even make a major league roster in Texas. They should clean house and start over. Throw a 150 million dollars at Gerit Cole and get this franchise back to the playoffs.

Kapler will land on his feet, you’ve seen that jaw line.

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