Unemployed and Bored

Welp, I thought taking a new job and moving to a city to get out of my parents house was the smartest idea I ever had. Turns out I was wrong, one month later and I am back at my parents house in a town that encompasses maybe 5 thousand people. I took a shot it didn’t work, fuck me right? I am not sure how much longer is on my one year subscription to Word Press, but as long as I can continue to muster up enough for next year I will continue to right on here.

After being out of the house for a month and having to come back with your tail between your legs fucking sucks. Every day I get a million indeed links sent to me from my mom ranging from a pharmaceutical salesman making 150k a year, to a drivers license tester, to a fucking mailman (fine job, good benefits) yeh yeh I don’t want to be a fucking mailman mom. I have been unemployed for 2 weeks and am starting to go crazy. I have a little money saved up and play small ball poker a few times a week, grinding out $200 a night. I’ll manage.

How old is too old to become a barstool intern? I know that one lady was like 75, Jill I believe, but she’s the exception. I am not quite her age, 25, but I feel like I would be the old guy there. That being said I would take it. I just want to be able to write my thoughts on nonsense for a living. Nonsense, being sports (Philadelphia specific), gambling (Poker, sports betting, horses). As long as I am unemployed the 10 people that I had viewing this blog on a regular basis last December are going to get their fill from me.

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