ESPN is Trolling All of US

I have seen a lot of list in my day. List on list on list, but this list right here takes the cake. I have never seen a worse list ever assembled. Sure throw a few Olympians to round things out at the bottom. Give them the 17th and 19th slot but don’t come out giving me 4 of the top 6 as Olympians who for 3 years and 9 months out of the year no one gives a shit about their sport and then the other 3 we throw on our USA shirts and pretend like Simon Biles doing a triple back flip somehow affects our patriotic spirit.

Lebron James is pretty fucking good at basketball, I hate him but it is a fact. But, you know who is better and the most dominant basketball in 2018? You guessed it Breanna Stewart.

Oh shit NEVERMIND. Watch her 6 foot 4 frame jump out of the fucking gym. Unreal ups. Dominate. You know who she can probably have a legitimate argument against? #12 on the list Lewis Hamilton. When I was making my way down the list I knew that this is the exact moment this list was a troll job. If you didn’t know Lewis Hamilton is a race car driver, and it has been a long discussion of if race car drivers were athletes or not, and everyone has agreed outside of Nascar fans that they are not *But they dehydrate while they are driving* so did my 103 dead great-grandmother, does that make her an athlete?

Side note: Crazy that Tom Brady didn’t make the list, but his wife came in at 16. Good for her.

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