NFL Week 14 Preview

A rough week of football with few games to look forward to. I can’t wait. If you are looking I will be on my couch from 1pm straight through the end of the night game at midnight. Maybe Chinese this week, maybe pizza. Let’s get into the games.

Very few meaningful games this week so we might as well start with two teams that have greatly under achieved this season. The Falcons travel to the Packers. Aaron Rodgers got his wish and Mike McCarthy was fired last week. I anticipate The Packers to come out playing with a sense of purpose even though this game is basically meaningless. A game that features two of the top 8? 10? quarterbacks in the league, depending where you put Matt Ryan, is actually beneficial for both teams to lose in bettering their draft pick this year. The line is Green Bay -5, I think the entire season the Falcons have been overvalued and I think this game should be no less than a touchdown. I’ll lay the points with Green Bay.

  • The play: Green Bay -5
    • Final Score Prediction Green Bay 31-17

One of the two actual meaningful team showcases my Philadelphia Eagles v. the cowboys (no caps) fuck them. The Eagles seemed to have get back on track with two division wins, but both the Redskins and the Giants are pretty shitty. Maybe the Eagles are too but I do think they are playing better football. Getting Jaylen Mills back this week should help sure up the secondary that has slowly been putting it together since the onslaught against the Saints a few weeks back. This game should come down to the play from each quarterback. Elliot will get his yards, and the Eagles ground attack should manage at least a 120 yards together combined with Sproles in his second game back, but the quarterbacks in the red zone have to limit their mistakes and must turn Red Zone trips into Touchdowns. I never bet one bet on my team, I only bet them first half, game, and money line that’s 3 bets. If you are looking for unbiased it isn’t here. Give me the Birds.

  • The play: Philly +3.5
    • Final score Eagles 31-14

The Sunday night game from a non cowboy non Eagles fan perspective fan is the best game of the week. The Bears defense specifically against the Rams offense should be the matchup to watch. Khalil Mack if you haven’t heard is good at doing football. Jon Gruden is still looking for a pass rusher. Poor guy. The Rams offense is also very good at doing football. Sean Mcvay is already the best offensive mind in football and if you didn’t hear yet he’s young. People don’t talk about that enough. Or his memory he has a good memory too. The Rams are 3 point favorites this week coming into Chicago and I anticipate it going to at least 3.5-4 just because the everyday better loves teams that can flat-out score. Trubisky is anticipated to be back this week and if that is the case give me the Bears in Bear weather.

  • The play is Bears +3 (at least)
    • Final Score: Bears 28-27


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