I’m Sgt. Pepper. Welcome to The Concession Stance. I want to first start this out with a bit of a background. I’m the best friend that goes along for the ride, down to do whatever, and based on my relationship with Bat, I’m now the Chief Administrator of this blog (as in I’m the man in this relationship). My goal for this blog is to get my point of view on life, sports, people, society, really anything out to the world. I know that this first blog is going to be my worst, as introductions and putting yourself out there is THE WORST. But, for some odd reason, I’m roped in so I’m going to do my best to keep at least one soul in this wild world entertained. 

My best friend Bat and I have been really interested in a blog for about one week. As he stated, I’m in the real world and have real life responsibilities, so though my blogs may be few and far between, they will be much better than his. At this point, were pretty much inseparable, which makes no sense. He’s the type of guy that is too “tired” and would rather turn over in bed than muster up the :38 seconds he’s worth. He’s the type of guy that actually enjoys being little spoon. He’s the type of guy that starts fights with other people because even though he’s wimpy, he’s got me backing him up. But, I’d go to bat for this dude any day of the week, because even though he’s the lamest person I’ve ever met, he’s a good guy that’s always there for me. 

The first thing I want to really talk about is my new outlook on life. If you’ve made it this far, now we can get to the fun stuff. Who cares what anyone’s outlook on life is, amirite? I do nonsense shit with my best friend. Why? Because it’s fun. I say shit people won’t like. Why? Because it’s fun. I put myself in ridiculous situations 6 times a week. Why? Because Sunday the NFL is on. Life is supposed to be fun, and you’re supposed to do it with your best friends. The problem is, not many people have one like Bat. I consider myself fortunate and am really excited to get this going with my guy. 

Realistically, this might be fun for us only, and maybe I can find a follower along the way to follow the tall tales of Bat Purell and Sgt. Pepper.

I mean to end it with the worst cliché of all time, life is kinda funny like that, nothing goes to plan but it’s all about the ride. 

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