The Concession Stance Day 1

The idea of having a blog has always been an interest of mine. I understand  the idea that this writing may never see the light of day. However, if my friend and I that I started it with get a few laughs out of it every now and again and I kill some time at work my $3.99 subscription to word press will be considered to me well worth it.

Post college, I am luckily to find myself in a sales job, that has a significant amount of free time. So, it is either write on here, research gambling lines for tonight, or continue to watch The Office on Netflix for the 10th time. Typically, I will manage enough time to do all three in between a few sale calls and the few hours a week I spend visiting customers.

The majority of this “blog” I will talk about the things I know best (or at least give a shit about) from sports, gambling, the occasional viral topic that I am typically a few days late on, and every now and again to just complain. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania so my allegiances have always been to Philadelphia. Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, Flyers (have never watched a full game could care less about hockey), the fights on Sportscenter used to be cool, but I am not sure they exist any longer. So, yes the biased will come through especially talking about any slap dick team including the Cowboys, Yankees, Lebron (wherever he decides he wants to play this week) and the Mets, if they ever become relevant again.

My friend and I are staying under aliases because him, more than I, work in the real world and actually have to attempt to be politically correct on a day-to-day basis. We look at this as an outlet to get funny topics out there without having to worry about any backlash. YES, once again I am aware that we very well could be the only two people who ever see these blogs, and yes as I expressed before I am ok with that. I will be under the name of Bat Purrell, the legendary career .250 hitter that stole the hearts of Philadelphia, but he is better known of course a Pat “The Bat” Burrell. My partner and the other writer on The Concession Stance will go by Sgt. Pepper. On the outside Pepper (which I will refer to him as) seems as the type of guy that every thermostat he passes he instinctively changes to 69 degrees on the dot, but instead he is the type  to fall in love with a girl that gives him 3 minutes of attention at the bar. For example, the last time him and I were out together, we found ourselves in a shitty hostile, in Boston, that may or may not have definitely had bed bugs. We decided to go get an early dinner and got to the bar early, so the crafty bartender gave us her undivided attention, and spotted someone she knew would love the attention. She looked at Sgt. Pepper after we urged her that we were not a couple (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and said “I believe you but if you were a couple Pepper, you would definitely be the man in that relationship.” He was ecstatic because at no point has a bartender ever looked for a tip. To put a bow on it after  we paid and left the tip he had offered up the question “well what are you doing after your shift?” and that was immediately followed by the response “I’m not sure I have to see what my boyfriend is doing.” I nearly fell off my chair in delight and as quickly as he fell in love he fell out even quicker out. That being said he is my best friend and as different as our brains are they run parallel in many aspects.

A few things to look for on a day-to-day basis from here will be a 3 to 5 team NBA parlay based on minimal research and a lot of gut instinct along with other picks depending on what is going on that day. On Monday’s I will do a blog, “Perfect Match Monday”, which will consist of putting two guys that I would have love to have seen on the same team or coaching staff. Every Wednesday, you can expect some new music, which will actually just be a song typically from the 90s that is always worth a listen. On Friday, you can typically expect a weekend preview of what to look forward to in sports. Typically, more so in the fall when we have a full slate of football to dive into for 48 straight hours. Other than that we plan on filling in the blanks and figuring things out as we go.


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